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Workers want to see more of the boss

Filed under: Information Risk and Security — Jonathan on August 2, 2012

Business leaders need to capitalise on the range of communication tools that are available to ensure their workforce remains productive, says a recent survey. Consequently, those seeking compliance jobs and risk management vacancies may not see much of their boss after a successful interview.

ICM and The People 1st Training Company revealed in their study that close to a third of the working public feel that if their business’ leader was more visible, the business would perform better.

Over a quarter feel better regarding their role, as well as the company on the whole if they see or hear from the boss, says the research.

27 per cent of staff have never seen their boss and this figure increases to 43 per cent of workers in larger companies.

Director of the People 1st Training Company, Sharon Glancy, said:

“A difficult business environment means tough decisions for CEOs but connecting with staff is an important part of creating a strong and positive company culture.

“Being a visible leader is not about keeping tabs on staff but creating a strong vision for the company that all staff can be part of.”

Those who have the role of a leader are increasing in importance, as younger staff members, as well as those who employ social media, recognise value in seeing and hearing their boss more than colleagues who are older.

A third of staff aged between 18 and 24 say they put more effort into their work if they see or hear their boss – but only five per cent of those aged between 55 and 64 hold this opinion.

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