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UK employees find new levels of happiness

Filed under: Recruitment General — Jonathan on October 31, 2012

According to recent research, UK employees have expressed that they are happier than at any other point in the year, with 40 per cent of workers in the country stating that they are happy – an eight per cent increase on the previous quarter. So those entering business continuity vacancies and compliance jobs can expect to be happy in their new positions.

This gives a far more positive outlook than the same time in 2011, when 37 per cent called themselves happy, while 24 per cent were distinctly unhappy. Only 20 per cent said they were unhappy – compared to 30 per cent in the last quarter.

Nationwide, the most content age group is 18-24, with 54 per cent happy. The study revealed that although there is an increase in youth unemployment, they are still becoming happier.

Older workers, however, are also happier. Workers over 55 were the happiest of the age groups last quarter, with 44 per cent saying that they are happy. There was an improvement in the summer, with 49 per cent claiming to be happy.

There are mixed happiness levels when it comes to a regional perspective.

The happiest are in London, 52 per cent are happy – which is eight per cent over the national average. Workers in Wales are also happier than that of the national average, with 47 per cent claiming to be happy. The least happy are East Midlands workers, with 25 per cent being unhappy. Close behind are South West workers at 22 per cent.

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