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Threat Horizon 2014 offers IT security professionals new framework

Filed under: IT Security — Jonathan on April 22, 2012

The recent Threat Horizon 2014 report offers those in IT security jobs a framework within which to develop a more strategic approach to risk management and developing security processes. This latest report homes in on three main areas that should be managed by companies and offers a range of guidelines on giving each businesses a toolkit with which to combat the escalating threat of security breaches. These include:

• External threats from the increase and complexity of cybercrimes, industrial espionage, hactivist attacks and those system attacks that impact wider spheres such as those that attack industrial control systems
• Regulatory threats to businesses as there is greater requirement to be open about security breaches and incidents and more legislation that demands companies offer greater data privacy
• Internal threats from the advancements in technology which propel businesses to incorporate them into operations without the full implications being understood

There were also several predictions made within each of the three main areas of threat, with recommendations on how businesses should prepare themselves. These included predictions that cybercrime will rise with the maturity of Malspace, more causes will take an online approach and hactivist attacks will rise, budget restrictions will prevent adequate investment in IT security and new technologies could overpower many businesses.

The Global Vice President for the Information Security Forum (ISF), Steve Durbin commented:

“With the speed and complexity of the threat landscape changing on an almost daily basis, we are seeing businesses being left behind, sometimes in the wake of reputational and financial damage – they need to take stock now to ensure they are fully prepared and engaged.”

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