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The threat of APTs likely to affect small businesses in 2012 warns industry expert

Filed under: IT Security — Stephanie on January 26, 2012

In 2011 there were several large organisations that were hit by APTs with the likes of Sony and RSA making the headlines. When trying to break into internet security jobs understanding this leading issue for the industry is central to success. It can be assumed that only large businesses are likely to attract the attentions of cybercriminals and therefore need to invest heavily in protecting their data – however, even smaller businesses can fall prey.

When applying for IT security vacancies, be aware that all businesses can suffer risk and network threat. Cyber attack techniques quickly become commodities with APT toolkits available throughout the criminal world. Information sharing is a common practice amongst hackers making various techniques readily available to less sophisticated hackers. The vice president of marketing for Watchguard, a firewall provider, Eric Aarrestad warned recently:

“Expect the APT trend to continue in 2012, but with a slightly new twist. APTs will trickle down to everyday people. APTs of 2011 primarily affected big organisations, such as governments, industrial control providers, and large enterprises. In 2012, less sophisticated criminals will start to leverage the advanced techniques they’ve learned about APTs, to create more advanced malware targeting smaller businesses and even consumers.”

Understanding the growing threat of APTs and the impact of other trends this year is crucial to success in information security recruitment. Understanding the needs for security processes, the threat of mobile devices and tablets as well as any other current market trends is well-advised. Candidates should ensure they are well informed to stand out from the crowd.

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