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The growth of tablets poses worry for those in IT security

Filed under: IT Security — Stephanie on December 10, 2011

One of the fastest growing electronic gadgets is the internet tablet and this is causing concerns for people in IT security jobs. Many fear that the use of these tablets is spiralling beyond their control with many being used within businesses to access work systems as well as downloading unsecure applications from the web.

Another concern is that these mobile devices are taken outside of work and are often stolen or misplaced. With the potential to be carrying highly sensitive information about the company or customers could it be that information security specialist are right to be concerned.

The IT solutions head at Equanet in Bury, Jamie Marshall feels that there is no need for concern:

“There is a preconception that because these devices are so usable, and always on, they are inherently insecure. But once people understand how security works on tablets, they don’t see it as a problem.”

The built in encryption on iPad for example is regarded as highly secure by Marshall.

“All you need to do as a corporation is enforce a strong passcode policy on users. If the device is lost, other people can’t get into it, and you can do a remote wipe.”

The need to establish robust policies on these tablets is however critical but can be a complicated process due to the multiple platforms in use. Mobile device management (MDM) can simplify systems making it easier for those in cyber security jobs to maintain some control.

Moving forward MDM is highly recommended and job seekers looking for information security vacancies need to ensure they are well informed on this form of system control.

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