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Ten per cent of part-timers on full-time income

Filed under: Risk Management — Mark on June 18, 2012

Ten per cent of part-time staff are earning over £40,00 each year which is helping to dispel the myth that less hours worked is tied to menial, low-paid jobs, a survey revealed. Senior level risk management vacancies or governance and compliance jobs are typical of those offering such a salary.

Around 650,000 people are employed in part-time positions that pay them minimally £40,000 on an equivalent full-time basis, says an official data study.

However, the survey also revealed that there remains a stigma when it comes to part-time work as it may indicate a half-hearted commitment to the job, says the Timewise poll, which 2,000 employees responded to.

A spokeswoman for one recruitment firm said:

“Behind the doors of many British businesses are thousands of senior professionals, working at the top of their game, on a part time basis, because they want to.

“People say ‘part time and senior can’t be done’ but thanks to employers who get the business benefits of hiring talented people on a part time basis, there are now part time finance directors, heads of communications, even part time CEOs out there.”

The top two reasons for part-time preference are flexibility and having to bring up children, a study revealed.

The same report, however, showed that 72 per cent of people in the UK don’t believe it to be possible to hold down a senior position on a part-time basis.

Two-thirds of men working in part-time jobs are employed in high-skilled positions but two-thirds of women are working in low-skilled roles.

For many, women in particular, part-time jobs remain synonymous with menial, low-paid jobs.

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