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10 IT security questions for an interviewer to ask

Filed under: Features — Mark on June 24, 2013

While the information security industry covers a range of roles, here are some typical questions that an interviewer could ask, especially when recruiting an executive.

Question 1: In terms of our security status, what’s your vision for this company in six months’ time?

This question aims to find out the extent of the candidate’s research in the company, and to gauge their planning abilities.

Question 2: How do you build and lead teams?

This question prods at the candidate’s people and leadership skills. Corporate security executives are often charged with changing a company’s culture, and in this sense the job will stand or fall on the quality of the professional relationships they can build.

Question 3: How do Linux and Windows servers compare and contrast in terms of security?

A soft technical question largely designed to capture the breadth of the candidate’s knowledge, as well as their ability to preserve objectivity.

Question 4: What would be your highest priority – threats or vulnerabilities?

There’s no right or wrong answer here; it’s a matter of opinion, largely. The question allows the candidate to state their preference, demonstrate experience and show how well they can argue their corner.

Question 5: Tell us how you would create a powerful botnet?

This question tests how well the candidate can think with their “black hat” on. A company needs a security executive with a deep – and current – knowledge of how the ‘enemy’ operates.

Question 6: How do you make a change to DNS settings in Linux, and Windows?

This is just a quick general tech question, which should hopefully bring a snappy answer. It’s looking for some basic knowledge, but can help to weed out candidates who can “talk the talk” but not “walk the walk”.

Question 7: What sort of network do you have in your own home?

While this question might seem intrusive, the strongest candidates should be able to overlook that and warm to their theme. It aims to see how seriously and passionately they take their business. How enthusiastic are they for their chosen field, is their heart really in it?

Question 8: How are you going to sell security to this company?

For employees, at all levels, information security is not always at the top of their lists of things to do or worry about. An ability to engage others with security and encourage them to take their share of responsibility is seen as vital.

Question 9: How do you win respect in the boardroom?

There will be more than one answer to this, but it gives a chance for the candidate to expound on how they promote security issues at the highest levels of an organisation, and whether they can do so in plain English.

Question 10: What are your main sources for security news?

A quick way of establishing the extent to which the interviewee keeps up with breaking security news, as well as the latest products, ideas and trends.

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