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Survey reveals cloud computing to change the face of IT

Filed under: IT Security — Mark on December 20, 2011

Candidates looking for IT positions may need to have a sound understanding of cloud computing to stand a chance of breaking into the job market in 2012. This is according to findings from a specialist recruitment company, which found a wide range of IT roles would be affected, including cyber security and information risk jobs.

250 employees within the IT sector were questioned from across the UK. Results highlighted that 36 percent of those surveyed believe that this year the remit of most IT workers had evolved dramatically due to the introduction of cloud computing.

IT professionals also maintain that as cloud becomes increasingly popular across a range of business sectors the shape of most IT job roles are likely to continue to change throughout next year. When cloud was first introduced it was though that it would take off quickly in 2011 however the integration of this innovative technology into existing business systems has been a more complex process than initially anticipated.

It is therefore forecast that in 2012 IT innovation will focus on developing new ways of effectively implementing and deploying this latest technology. The survey also suggests that there is a ‘growing sense’ that information technology is moving forward and fusing more effectively with ‘business strategy’. IT is no longer simply seen as technology ticking away in the background.

Those already in IT positions will have felt the shift in emphasis within their own workplaces and therefore are well placed to adapt to the changes ahead. Cloud computing will drive the need for new skills which will be required across a wide range of positions including penetration testers, information assurance consultants and those seeking IT security jobs.

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