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Staff are key for banks with global ambition

Filed under: Risk Management — Mark on June 24, 2012

Due to the consolidated state within the financial sector post-economic crisis, there are now larger and more global institutions with one eye on gaining an advantage over their more domestically-orientated rivals. A key to all of this is having a strong and adaptable workforce which provides an opportunity to flexible prospects seeking risk management jobs and other vacancies within the sector.

Citibank’s Manuel Falco, the Emea region’s co-head of banking, said:

“We live in a global marketplace and this has never been as true as it is today. With technological advances and ease of global mobility, it is possible to transact with most of the world in any given working day.”

However, for customers to do this, there needs to be an upgrade of technology in banks and a wide network of branches and offices, as well as adaptable staff with an understanding of the regulatory and legal aspects of certain countries.

Financial institutions such as HSBC in the UK and JP Morgan and Citigroup in the US have a global workforce of hundreds and thousands based in around 100 countries. Their global footprint offers significant advantages over domestic lenders.

Banks with a presence in overseas markets enable them to gain more of an understanding of the respective local economies as well as the role they play globally. They can also find out about more business opportunities and form more of a personal relationship with clients.

However, they are also forced to confront more complexities with regards to managing and recruiting staff, appealing to local regulators and communities, and maintaining day-to-day operational control, say experts.

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