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Security of larger businesses at risk from poor data protection

Filed under: IT Security — Jonathan on June 25, 2013

UK SMEs could be risking their own firms and could further be harming larger businesses they provide with services. This is as a result of failing to take adequate measures in protecting confidential data, warned the biggest information security company in the UK. This could open up opportunities for those seeking information security jobs, should businesses sit up and take notice.

Shred-it has revealed results of its research that suggest small and medium sized enterprises are not doing enough when it comes to disposing of and managing hard drives and documents. The company has encouraged the UK’s largest businesses to help others with which they work in making improvements to data protection, so that they can maintain supply chain integrity.

The Security Tracker third annual survey showed that SMEs don’t feel a breach of data protection would materially affect their operations. This, however, means that they are not as likely to set up an information system as larger businesses.

Shred-it Vice President Robert Guice said:

“SMEs continue to hugely underestimate the potential cost of a data breach to them. In terms of financial loss, the Information Commissioner’s Office in the UK can fine companies up to half a million pounds, enough to send many companies into insolvency.”

He went on to say that they believe smaller businesses are possibly over-estimating how much it costs to ensure the safety of confidential data.

He also said that SMEs risk taking a huge financial hit due to penalties imposed on businesses breaching data.

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