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Recruiters looking abroad for talent

Filed under: Risk Management — Jonathan on July 2, 2012

Recruiters are having to search further afield for staff due to a skills gap in the UK, one recruitment firm reports. Employers seeking to fill risk management vacancies and CISSP jobs are not feeling the need to keeps things close to home which doesn’t bode well for UK prospects with the necessary skills.

A study by a focus group assesses over 50 immigration professionals who work in the sector. They discovered that companies in the UK see Asia as the most obvious source for new talent.

The main cause behind the demand for services abroad is the shortage of skills in the UK but it is made even more difficult by increased legislation.

Close to half of the focus group said that client feedback indicated an insufficient number of young prospects are coming out of university with skills needed to help the UK economy.

The director of the recruitment firm who commissioned the study told HR Magazine:

“Our survey shows within the immigration services sector there no shortage of job offers for the most talented candidates.

“Tightening immigration rules will present further challenges for the sector to overcome, but with such demand for international talent to be brought to the UK in order to plug significant skills gaps, we’re anticipating that the sector will go from strength to strength.”

Other countries appear to be better equipped to produce skilled workers that the UK are crying out for. Over three quarters of the focus group named Asia as the region they see as the number one talent haven, with the U.S. and the Middles East as the next on the list, in terms of popularity.

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