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Recession places emphasis on flexible working to attract talent

Filed under: Recruitment General — Stephanie on January 2, 2013

A crucial new way to attract emerging talent is the offer of flexible working, says a diverse selection of Human Resource managers, meaning that those seeking new business continuity jobs and other vacancies can expect opportunities to enjoy a more flexible working pattern in a bid to impress.

Salary during a recession, when benefits and pension packages may be found to be lower than previous years, requires another way to encourage talent to come on board. Flexible working is one such way, said members of a roundtable meeting with HR professionals and directors responsible for recruitment.

HR director Jos Barnett, from advertising company Struq, said:

“The more flexibility you can offer, the better off you are. If you can be more accommodating to women, then you’re going to get much more loyalty in the workplace.”

New Era Cap Company’s HR director Holly Franklin added:

“It’s about give and take. If you’re offering flexibility, then you expect a bit more from the staff.”

One example given by Franklin was the idea of offering employees the chance to work for an hour longer from Monday to Thursday during the summer months, allowing them to leave at midday on a Friday. At her company, the idea was very popular and was taking up by 98% of staff.

Bloomberg’s programme lead, Shelley Williams, said that flexi-working complements staff task orientation.

She commented that employees are being asked to do what is needed but they have the autonomy with regards to when they carry out the work.

The event took place in November and was held in London.

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