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Recession blamed for lack of career development

Filed under: Business Continuity — Mark on October 17, 2012

More than a quarter of workers in the UK believe that they have seen no progression in their career, or even that it has taken a backwards step over the last two years, according to recent research. So those looking for business continuity jobs and other such vacancies may find that progression up the career ladder is not as easy as they would have hoped.

Around 64 per cent of those who responded think that they would have seen a progression in their career if there had been no recession in the UK. Approximately 23 per cent said they would have expected to see some progression more rapidly. Twenty six per cent believe their career to be on track, with just 14 per cent feeling that they have made significant progression.

There are undoubtedly frustrations beginning to set in, with 74 per cent saying they were looking for another job. A little under half (44 per cent) said they were doing so to climb the career ladder.

A spokesperson for the firm that carried out the survey told On Rec:

“There is no denying that the working environment in the UK has been tough over the last few years, with some sectors suffering more than others. A number of organisations have seen restructuring and even downsizing, meaning that there are potentially fewer opportunities for people to be promoted into more senior roles.”

They continued to say that career development is an important tool when it comes to staff retainment and creates a work environment that makes employees wish to stay on with their company.

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