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Pen testing jobs: A good place to start looking

Filed under: — admin on December 20, 2011

“Pen testing” as a phrase sounds innocuous enough: you might think it is all about ensuring that biros work just fine before being launched upon unsuspecting office workers. However, “pen testing” in the context of ‘pen testing jobs‘ is short for “Penetration testing” and here stands for a process that should be a top priority for any company anxious to ensure its protection against IT security threats.

“Penetration testing” is a method used to evaluate a computer network or system by simulating an attack from malicious outsiders, who do not have authorised means of accessing the network, and from malicious insiders, who will have some level of authorised access.

The crucial nature of pen testing jobs is demonstrated by any number of hacking episodes that some companies might prefer to forget – Sony, for example, had to take rapid remedial steps when its PS3 user base was hacked in to during 2011, causing untold problems.

Pen testing jobs, which began in earnest during the 1990s, have become an increasing formal, professionalised business, with pen testing jobs now widely advertised, for instance in investment banks.

Whilst some reformed “black hat” hackers, who used to do real-world hacking, do still make up the ranks, those in pen testing jobs now increasingly consist of so-called ethical hackers, and in some cases they have official certificates and other qualifications.

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