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One third of recruits given the job without seeing the boss

Filed under: Risk Management — Mark on June 30, 2012

A surprising 36 per cent of businesses have employed staff without them even having met their manager beforehand. Managers being unavailable was given as one of the main reasons, so anyone seeking IT security jobs or risk management vacancies may not need to worry about meeting their boss at the interview, according to the survey. Cammio, the online video interview specialists, conducted the survey with more than 500 recruiters taking part.

The research shows that 41 per cent of businesses see 11 candidates on average in the first round. The shortlist for round two of interviews takes place over a two to three week period for 44 per cent of businesses polled. Five per cent even admitted that stage two can last for more than four weeks.

Cammio CEO, Walter Hueber, told Fresh Business Thinking:

“Failing to introduce a candidate to their boss during the interview process is particularly unfair to both the prospective employee and the manager and could cause problems in the recruitment process.”

Mr Hueber said that the trend seemed to be on the increase due to busy work schedules, which could easily be freed up using online video interviews to enable applicants to acquaint themselves with their manager. He added:

“Worse still, in a tough economic climate, the prospect of waiting for nearly a month for the second interview round will undoubtedly mean some companies will lose talent to competitors with more efficient recruitment processes.”

Also revealed was that, for certain periods that companies make available for interviews, 45 per cent of candidates do not turn up, citing a miscalculation of time to reach the location of the interview or public transport issues.

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