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North East firms showing university bias in recruitment

Filed under: Risk Management — Mark on June 6, 2012

Top companies have been attacked after failing to succeed in recruiting new talent from most universities in the North East and holding back graduates from securing such positions as GNC jobs and risk management vacancies in the region.

The majority of the UK’s top 100 companies promote positions at just two universities in the North West, Newcastle and Durham, says a report by Alan Milburn, former Cabinet minister.

This results in students who attend other institutions, such as Newcastle’s Northumbria University, the University of Sunderland and Middlesbrough’s Teeside University, are not on the radar when it comes to being informed of the latest opportunities and not given any advice in applying for them.

The top 100 companies who hire graduates, which includes Google, Tesco, IBM, and KMPG, manage recruitment programmes in just 19 universities.

The report shows that some of these companies have a preference for degrees from these institutions, and ask for a higher qualification if they earned their degree at another university.

MP Mr Milburn from Darlington, who launched the study on improvement of “social mobility” said:

“There are 115 universities. Professional employers need to dramatically widen their recruitment net.”

He further pointed out that there exists a regional bias in the proportion of the top companies with vacancies for graduates in different areas in England.

London saw 84 percent of companies with opportunities in the capital in 2012 but only 47 percent in Yorkshire and 44 percent in the North East.

It has been predicted that the South would continue to see a “more rapid employment growth” than the North.

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