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New research show employers cite insider cybercrime the main threat to IT security

Filed under: IT Security — Stephanie on January 20, 2012

Iron Mountain, specialists in information management, has recently published research that shows that throughout Europe 20 percent of companies believe that the main threat to information security comes directly from employee theft. This is rated as a far greater risk than cybercrime, a natural disaster or a system failure.

The findings revealed that there is an growing lack of trust from employees about the integrity of their employees and the internal processes in place to protect the business from this form of attack. According to other research this mistrust may be well-founded. Verizon(ii) a network provider published that 17 percent of data security crime was carried out by insiders and that potentially the threat from staff could far outweigh that of external attacks. This poses huge challenges for those in information security jobs. At Iron Mountain the international director for safety, security and business continuity, Florian Kastl commented:

“When it comes to information management, people are often the weakest link in the chain,” said Florian Kastl, international director of security, safety and business continuity at Iron Mountain. “Information is the lifeblood of a business, and it is vital that companies have strong controls in place to minimise, if not prevent, the risk of employee theft. This will protect employees, the business, its customers and its reputation.”

He supports the following steps to prevent insider theft:

1. Know all the priority information held by the business.
2. Put in place solid information security processes to control data held by the company. The need for highly qualified personal in information risk management jobs is pivotal to identifying vulnerable areas and utilising the appropriate software and data storage technology.
3. To protect IT security recruitment processes should be robust.

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