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Levels of IT security attacks rising according to Symantec

Filed under: IT Security — Jonathan on December 18, 2011

Throughout this year the level of information security attacks rose four-fold. This latest information on cyber crime was released by Symantec in their November intelligence report. The figures show that a total of 94 cyber attacks per month were stopped last month which is an increase of 69 compared to January 2011.

Although for every 255 emails sent one had imbedded malware in November, only one for every 8,300 related to a targeted assault. The results show that overall for every two million emails sent only one could be deemed as a highly targeted attack.

The report stated:

“With an estimated 48 billion emails in circulation each day, a highly targeted attack of this nature accounts for a very small percentage of email traffic, but they are certainly not as rare as at the end of 2010. These attacks all have the potential to seriously impact an organisation, and in the longer term they represent a significant threat against the economic prosperity of many companies.”

These results make even more imperative that businesses include risk management vacancies as part of their recruitment strategy. The effects of these targeted attacks can be devastating and highly qualified cyber security staff is essential.

Symantec.Cloud’s senior intelligence analyst, Paul Wood commented:

“The aim of these targeted attacks is to establish persistent access to the targeted organisation’s network, in many cases with the aim of providing remote access to confidential data. Targeted attacks are designed to gather intelligence, steal confidential information or trade secrets and, in the case of attacks like Stuxnet, disrupt operations or even destroy critical infrastructure.”

With this growth in targeted attacks recruitment for IT security jobs can only increase.

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