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Hiring set to increase in 2013

Filed under: Recruitment General — Mark on July 17, 2013

New LinkedIn figures have revealed a potential rise in employment for professional positions.

In a report titled ‘Global Recruiting Trends’ which LinkedIn releases annually, 340 UK Human Resource decision makers, along with 3,000 from around the world, discovered that 27 per cent of businesses in the UK expect a rise in the hiring of part and full-time professional employees this year. The statistic would be the highest since 2011, when the research started. For those seeking cyber security jobs or any other professional roles, expect to be more in demand this year.

LinkedIn Director for Talent Solutions in Africa, the Middle East and Europe, David Cohen, said:

“For the third year in a row we’ve looked into the optimism, priorities and challenges experienced by employers worldwide, and this year’s data suggests that hiring for professional positions is on the rise in the UK. It remains a challenging climate for many employers, but our data hints at the first signs of green shoots for UK plc.”

The report further unveils the top trends and priorities that trouble UK recruiters. Among the most pressing concerns is internal hiring – with 39 per cent of professionals in HR intending to invest more in internal hiring. Mobile recruiting, however, remains an opportunity missed for many. Worldwide, the research reveals that companies that have made investments in mobile are reaping the rewards. In spite of this, a mere 13 per cent of recruiters are presently investing enough in using mobile to discover, manage and train talent.

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