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High salaries for IT staff thanks to thriving Video-on-Demand industry

Filed under: Recruitment General — Stephanie on January 23, 2013

The JM Group’s digital recruitment firm, JM Digital, has announced in a report that staff in IT with experience in Video-on-Demand are beginning to see the benefits of a successful market. Therefore, those seeking information security jobs and other positions within the sector would be wise to add this skill to their palette.

IT staff in other sectors are still being affected by the economy but the VOD industry is currently thriving. In a short space of time, the industry has grown from close to nowhere. The web-based movie and TV market was, just a few years ago, worth £11m, says Screen Digest. It is anticipated to increase even further this year – to a staggering £379m.

JM Group CEO Dave Pye told On Rec:

“We’ve seen the demand for IT workers with VOD experience explode over the last year. This is a booming sector and demand is being driven by new market entrants and the expansion of existing organisations within this sector. These companies need IT workers to support their growth as they race to pick up as many subscribers to their service as possible.”

The JM Digital head, David Young, added:

“With a lack of IT workers available to fulfil supply we’re finding that individuals with VOD experience can now charge a premium for their services. Employers are paying as much as £500 a day or £80k per annum for these roles.”

IT Jobs Watch statistics further support the increased need for VOD-based skills.

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