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Government Cyber Security Strategy to fund IT security recruitment and training

Filed under: Cyber Security — Stephanie on December 1, 2011

Outlines of the UK Cyber Security Strategy have been released which reveals details of how the government is planning to tackle online crime with a £650 million budget. Funds will be allocated to a far reaching research programme into cyber crime as well as supporting information security recruitment by training up specialists. The initiative will also be taken to inform the general public about dangers of online crime.

There are also plans to launch a new Bill which will give the police more jurisdictions in this area. Funds will be allocated to a range of agencies such as Ministry of Defence and GCHQ in an attempt to curtail this form of crime that is reported to cost the country up to £27 billion annually.

Francis Maude, the Cabinet Office Minister commented:

“One of our key aims is to make the UK one of the most secure places in the world to do business. Currently, around 6% of the UK’s GDP is enabled by the Internet and this is set to grow. But with this opportunity comes greater threats. Online crime including intellectual property theft costs the UK economy billions each year.”

Enabling the police to tackle cyber crime is central to the National Crime Agency 2013 and the coalition government has promised support in facilitating co-operation with private and international businesses as well as the development of a unique reporting system to allow the public and SMEs a means of detailing online attacks.

The details of this government strategy to beat cyber crime only bodes well for cyber security jobs which are likely to rise as a result.

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