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Game-playing skills may help secure a job

Filed under: Recruitment General — Mark on November 27, 2012

A survey by revealed that close to 66 per cent of employers are contemplating using a gamification-based process in the not-too-distant future. This means candidates of business continuity jobs, information security vacancies and other positions may find that they have the upper-hand should they be accustomed to playing games in their spare time.

The survey said that close to 25 per cent of employers use gamification already for recruitment purposes. They assess applicants for such qualities as the ability to multi-task and a competitive spirit that would allow them to stand out among other candidates, who may merely have the required academic credentials.

Gamification is clearly a valuable asset when it comes to ‘crowdsourced’ recruitment. Madu Ratnayake, the vice president of social business strategy and global quality framework at Virtusa, told On Rec:

“You get to real ‘crowdsourced’ recruitment when you effectively engage your entire employee base as brand ambassadors and lead generators in the recruitment effort.

“Gamification is a powerful tool to create that excitement and tap into the competitive spirit of your employees to make every single one of them an ‘active talent scout’. Hiring contests, leaderboards and badges are the building blocks of a social gamified recruitment process.”

The survey reveals that close to 60 per cent of employers surveyed employ gamification for staff engagement. Further, 43 per cent attested to gamification being responsible for compelling tales that result in an increase in participation. Around 27 per cent of employers feel that games help to achieve short-term targets and at the same time, prepare the workforce for reward-focussed long-term objectives.

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