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Five-star rating system could help businesses out of cloud computing maze

Filed under: Cyber Security — Jonathan on February 16, 2012

In 2012 most surveys carried out about cloud computing show increasing concerns about security from those in information security jobs. It can justifiably be one of the main reasons why a company opts not to implement cloud technologies. After all if those in cyber security jobs are unclear about data processes and the level of protection available then despite the possible economic advantages cloud would appear to be an unwise choice.

Just how do businesses ensure that they choose the best cloud service provider? Larger organizations may be able to stipulate stringent checks on the procedures and infrastructure of a potential service provider but smaller companies are unlikely to get this option.

There have been a range of initiatives which offer guidance for those in IT security. They offer a range of questions that can be asked when researching potential service providers but gaining the appropriate information can still prove a challenge. However, a new cloud maturity model has been launched which simplifies the process.
The Common Assurance Maturity Model (CAMM) has been developed by Raj Samani, McAfee’s CTO. He’s come up with a 5-star rating system which will help businesses find the appropriate services and security level they need from a cloud service provider. It’s a win-win system as it also cuts down the amount of audits the service providers have to carry out for potential customers.

The grading system is not yet available but has met with strong support although some experts warn against oversimplifying the process. For those looking for IT security vacancies this topic is one to follow as cloud becomes a greater issue with businesses.

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