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Firms failing to benefit from technology

Filed under: Recruitment General — Stephanie on February 13, 2013

Learndirect has published a report revealing the hurdles employers are having to jump when integrating technologies into their companies. Towards Maturity conducted the research, which reveals a fear of technology skills shortage and technology in general as major challenges in effective training. Low confidence with limited knowledge in technology-based training, along with benefits that come with it, is preventing workforces from increasing efficiency levels. Therefore, anyone looking for an information security job or any other position that employs technology can expect to be in high demand to fill that shortage and utilise their existing skills.

Dereth Wood, Learndirect Adult Skills Group Director, said at London’s Learning Technologies Conference:

“It’s clear employers place a significant value on learning technologies, recognising they broaden the reach of learning, improve the quality of training and represent value for money. However, for businesses to truly realise these benefits they need to address and overcome the barriers, particularly those related to employee engagement. Our report aims to help companies do just that.”

Although these difficulties are an issue, many businesses are showing a commitment when it comes to employing technology in developing their staff. The research showed that of those utilising learning technology, 98% intended to increase learning access and see that it becomes more successful. Around 95% wished to encourage good practice and 94% wanted to improve quality of training.

The report from Learndirect outlines a five step plan for businesses to increase their staff’s ability to use technology in order to increase skills.

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