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Finance professionals not loving their job

Filed under: Risk Management — Stephanie on August 10, 2012

Finance professionals are finding it hard to bear certain pressures that come with the job. Continual hounding from the press, redundancy fears, an unstable market and long hours are to blame – according to a recent eFinancialCareers poll. The results revealed that 68 per cent of professionals in the finance industry are not in love with their job. They were asked what life would be like if they weren’t employed in financial services and 53 per cent said that their life would be an improvement. So those looking for risk management jobs and related vacancies are advised to enter the industry with their eyes wide open if they wish to be in it for the long haul.

Efinancial Careers Global Managing Director, James Bennett, told On Rec:

“The results set alarm bells ringing over employee engagement. The issue is not about finding out where the love has gone or when the spark died, but about restoring employees’ engagement.”

A report published recently by a global recruitment resource pointed out a significant correlation between retention and engagement. It explained that if an employer is less engaged than they could be, they aren’t likely to remain with the organisation they are currently employed by. Where engagement appears to be low in a company, there is a good chance that it will see the talent pool drained the moment the good times return. Any company is likely to find times of uncertainty tough. To be successful, a company needs to improve staff engagement. It concluded by pointing out that an organisation can grow if there is a focus on developing the professionals within it, acknowledging them for their hard work.

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