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Demand for highly skilled IT security staff on the rise

Filed under: IT Security — Stephanie on March 24, 2012

Over recent months IT security experts have discussed the ongoing challenges faced by UK businesses in cyber security and its wider impact globally.

The UK National Cyber Security strategy brought discussions to a head last year stating that a

‘cadre of cyber security professionals’

would be essential to ensure businesses within the private and public sectors were fully protected. This means that talented and highly skilled people are more in demand for IT security jobs.

This month a Special Representative to Business on Cyber Security, Baroness Neville Jones commented in The Times that information security expertise were critical to the success of the UK economy and business in general. She went on to caution that the UK was experiencing a

‘skills gap of daunting proportions and significance’

and that measures must be taken to increase the amount of accredited personnel for information security vacancies.

Factors influencing the training facilities in the UK are customer retention, cash flow, the unstable economy and advancements in technology.

The trends in the recruitment market are characterised by the demand for talented people within the IT security sector and the need for highly skilled people in cyber security jobs is set to rise.

IT Governance’s CEO, Alan Calder commented:

‘The information security market is more resilient and more broadly based than other employment sectors. Cyber skills are at a premium and any individual who obtains relevant qualifications now is certainly on track to enhance their career prospects. On the other side, it is important that organisations use their available resources and offer them the opportunity to train and gain certification from industry recognised bodies.’

For those seeking IT security jobs, accreditations from certified training courses would make them highly attractive to employers.

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