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UK lagging behind in utilising latest technology for staff development

Filed under: Cyber Security — Stephanie on April 30, 2013

Around three in every four businesses currently utilise e-learning. However, a mere 15 per cent cite it as (more…)

Recruiting software offers guarantee of increased performance and production

Filed under: Recruitment General — Jonathan on April 23, 2013

Darwin, the major recruiting software program and popular option among worldwide SME recruiters, has taken to providing a (more…)

Employers reveal off-putting interview habits

Filed under: Recruitment General — Stephanie on April 16, 2013

A recent survey that took in the opinions of 1,700 employers highlighted some of the more off-putting characteristics demonstrated by interview prospects, new (more…)

More firms adopting zero-hour contracts for staff

Filed under: Cyber Security — Jonathan on April 9, 2013

Close to a quarter of the UK’s major employers maintain contracts for workers that prevent them from working with the same conditions as (more…)

Recruiters number one for entry level employment

Filed under: Cyber Security — Stephanie on April 2, 2013

Despite the economy continuing to show weakness, the level of employed Britons achieved record numbers with close to 30 million working by (more…)


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