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One third of recruits given the job without seeing the boss

Filed under: Risk Management — Mark on June 30, 2012

A surprising 36 per cent of businesses have employed staff without them even having met their manager beforehand. Managers being unavailable was given as one of the main reasons, so (more…)

Employers failing to make the most of graduate talent pool

Filed under: Recruitment General — Jonathan on June 28, 2012

The Universities Minister, David Willets, said that employers seeking graduates were “fishing in a unduly narrow pool” when it comes to talent and risk being perceived as discriminatory against (more…)

CV lies to be exposed

Filed under: Recruitment General — Stephanie on June 26, 2012

Qualifications are being verified by only one in every five companies. However, that may be about to change thanks to an online service that allows employers to validate claims easier. So if you’re about to apply for governance and compliance jobs or business continuity vacancies, you (more…)

Staff are key for banks with global ambition

Filed under: Risk Management — Mark on June 24, 2012

Due to the consolidated state within the financial sector post-economic crisis, there are now larger and more global institutions with one eye on gaining an advantage over their more domestically-orientated rivals. A key to all of this is (more…)

Professional vacancies remain on the wane

Filed under: Business Continuity — Jonathan on June 22, 2012

The Association of Professional Staffing Companies have conducted research, revealing that, for the third consecutive month, vacancies have declined for professional-standard workers. (more…)

Facebook generation turning their back on apprenticeships

Filed under: Recruitment General — Stephanie on June 20, 2012

Apprenticeships that could provide value to the younger generation are being left vacant due to hopefuls instead opting for computer games and Facebook, says a senior boss in the motor industry. Although this focus on technology may ultimately lead to more capable applicants for cyber security jobs and other such vacancies within the technology sector, the motor industry trade is just one that is currently suffering at the hands of the ‘Facebook generation’. (more…)

Ten per cent of part-timers on full-time income

Filed under: Risk Management — Mark on June 18, 2012

Ten per cent of part-time staff are earning over £40,00 each year which is helping to dispel the myth that less hours worked is tied to menial, low-paid jobs, a survey revealed. Senior level risk management vacancies or governance and compliance jobs are typical of those offering such a salary. (more…)

Firms investing millions in retraining 3Rs

Filed under: Compliance — Jonathan on June 16, 2012

Companies are investing millions in sending their employees to remedial classes in order to relearn the 3Rs as educational standards are proving to be insufficient in the workplace, a CBI survey revealed. So if you’re about to (more…)

Number of UK vacancies falling

Filed under: Recruitment General — Stephanie on June 14, 2012

A new study has revealed that May had the lowest figures in five months in permanent jobs growth with temporary workers securing roles experiencing its sharpest decline in close to two years.

According to figure released by KPMG and the REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation), the UK job market’s slowdown was brought about by an increased level of caution in employers due to the economic gloom and doom as well as the troubles in the eurozone, which have made companies reconsider before hiring new employees, says the report. However, the study did not reveal the impact upon senior positions in the field of IT security recruitment or risk management jobs, for example.

However, an additional study by recruitment firm, Manpower, showed that businesses are showing a “remarkable resilience” with the the economic climate taken into account. Over 2,000 employers took part in the survey which revealed that there is a slight increase in intentions when it comes to hiring across the country with the more positive vibes in the southern regions.

Banks were taking on thousands of temporary workers in order to handle issues surrounding the PPI, which had been responsible for a boom in the mini-jobs market, said Manpower.

However, KPMG said that less overall vacancies, along with poor pay growth, indicated that the turmoil in the eurozone is weighing down the labour market in the UK.

The KPMG report further revealed that staff worked more hours in Q1 of 2012 when compared to Q4 of the previous year. However, judging by indicators of late that the country is in a double dip recession, KPMG head of business services at KPMG, Bernard Brown, said that “real productivity growth still remains elusive”.

Women asked to compete in Cyber Security Challenge

Filed under: Cyber Security — Mark on June 12, 2012

Cyber Security Challenge is asking for women to get involved in its competitions which are taking place across the country. They could provide opportunities to women who are focused on developing their careers around (more…)

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