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IT job market remains robust according to experts

Filed under: IT Security — Stephanie on April 30, 2012

Thorough research carried out by an IT recruitment specialist has shown that IT salaries for those in permanent positions have increased by 2 percent within 12 months in the UK. IT professionals can expect an average salary of £39,754. (more…)

UK government cyber security approach is failing

Filed under: Cyber Security — Jonathan on April 28, 2012

Experts in IT security jobs have recently claimed that the UK government has got things desperately wrong.

Anonymous, the hacktivist organisation, revealed that they would be working hard to take government websites down. Within days the hackers’ collective did just that with both the Home Office and Downing Street websites suffering DDoS attacks in early April. (more…)

GCHQ to become new cyber-surveillance centre

Filed under: Cyber Security — Mark on April 26, 2012

‘Big Brother-gate’ has hit the press recently with announcements made by the government that the GCHQ will become home to a cyber-surveillance centre which is said to costing £2 billion to set up. The centre will keep an eye on all exchanges using email, Skype, Facebook and mobile devices. (more…)

Oxford University develops research to combat cyber crime

Filed under: IT Security — Stephanie on April 24, 2012

The communication HQ of the UK government and Oxford University are coming together to help the country combat the threat to IT security. (more…)

Threat Horizon 2014 offers IT security professionals new framework

Filed under: IT Security — Jonathan on April 22, 2012

The recent Threat Horizon 2014 report offers those in IT security jobs a framework within which to develop a more strategic approach to risk management and developing security processes. This latest report homes in on three main areas that should be managed by companies and offers a range of guidelines on giving each businesses a toolkit with which to combat the escalating threat of security breaches. These include: (more…)

Tackling the enemy within in IT security

Filed under: IT Security — Mark on April 20, 2012

In 1838 Abraham Lincoln lectured that the biggest threat to the US was not from international invasion but from within. This may also be said about the growing threat of cyber-crime which is sweeping the world. Businesses are often so focused on external threats such as cybercriminals and hackivists that they fail to see the threats circulating within their own infrastructure. (more…)

New age of cyber-crime sweeps the globe

Filed under: Information Risk and Security — Stephanie on April 18, 2012

We have begun the next era of organised crime according to professionals in information security jobs. In the 1920s the power of the Mob reached it height with iconic figures such as Al Capone capitalising on the Prohibition. Following WWII the rationing and shortages saw the rise of the black market and in the seventies and eighties international drug trafficking reached its height. This fourth wave of crime to engulf the world is digital. (more…)

FBI official warns the fight against cyber crime is failing

Filed under: IT Security — Jonathan on April 16, 2012

According to one of the FBI’s leading representatives globally, we are losing the battle against hackivist and hacker attacks. (more…)

Cyber Security Centre launched at Oxford University

Filed under: Cyber Security — Mark on April 14, 2012

A new Cyber Security Centre is to be launched by Oxford University. The establishment announced the initiative recently and is developing the new centre to combat the rising threat posed by online criminals and cyber terrorist attacks. The university hopes to develop research that will help to protect government and business data from the attacks of ever more sophisticated hackers. (more…)

Threat Horizon 2014 is published

Filed under: Risk Management — Stephanie on April 12, 2012

IT security threats have been forecast to increase significantly over the next couple of years and companies that do not protect their businesses now may suffer many challenges in the future. These findings were revealed in the Threat Horizon 2014: Managing Risks When Threats Collide report which has been published by the Information Security Forum, an international organisation that is held as a major voice within the cyber security sector. (more…)

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