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Cyber Security Centre launched at Oxford University

Filed under: Cyber Security — Mark on April 14, 2012

A new Cyber Security Centre is to be launched by Oxford University. The establishment announced the initiative recently and is developing the new centre to combat the rising threat posed by online criminals and cyber terrorist attacks. The university hopes to develop research that will help to protect government and business data from the attacks of ever more sophisticated hackers.

A spokesperson for the university commented:

“The Oxford Cyber Security Centre is the new home to cutting-edge research designed to tackle the growing threats posed by cyber terrorism and cybercrime, and to safeguard the trustworthiness of electronically-stored information.”

The Cyber Security Centre will receive £5 million worth of funding enabling Oxford University to employ 12 permanent staff in IT security jobs. In addition to this there will be 18 students studying for their doctorate and 25 research workers from all areas of the university deployed to the centre.

The value of data is growing within the world and Oxford University believes that efforts must be made to develop protective processes across all areas of IT information. From the humble family computer to business and government systems, measures must be developed to protect people from risk and network threat.

The university went on to say:

“The Cyber Security Centre is dedicated to the essential task of being able to anticipate, deter, detect, resist and tolerate attacks, understand and predict cyber risks, and respond and recover effectively at all levels, whether individual, enterprise, national or across international markets.”

As more high profile organisations advocate greater emphasis on information risk management, this is great news for those looking for IT security jobs.

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