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Could recruitment techniques be letting cyber security talent slip through the net?

Filed under: Cyber Security — Mark on January 12, 2012

In the world of IT security recruitment, the use of creative methods of candidate assessment are becoming more popular. Experts are warning against using purely traditional methods of recruitment for cyber security jobs as often highly talented and creative individuals can fall through the net. As this type of candidate will offer greater value to a business in the long run conventional methods that focus solely on certain skill sets are becoming outmoded.

The chief executive at Green Armor Solutions, Joseph Steinberg, has called for this change in approach citing that within the world of cyber security technologies and threats to the network will continue to develop and change throughout an employee’s working life however a candidate that has a keen, creative mind will continue to be an asset.

As an additional benefit businesses that use hacker-style challenges to assess candidates for information security jobs can sense check company security processes. It can reveal risk and network threat that may have remained unknown to the company.

However a balanced approach to IT security recruitment is needed. Using techniques that appear to support unethical and illegal hacking must be avoided. There is also a need to ensure that a business doesn’t leave themselves open to a possible cyber attack using these methods particularly where a candidate is unsuccessful in getting the job. Care should be taken to screen candidates beforehand.

Steinberg went on to say that conventional interviews and tests still have a valid place in IT security recruitment. A candidate may solve a puzzle with flying colours but an interview may reveal he or she is ill-suited to the culture of the company.

A balanced approach to recruitment will be required to get the best ability and culture match.

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