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Could cloud computing offer IT professionals newfound job security?

Filed under: Recruitment General — Mark on February 26, 2012

A recent survey by IT recruitment specialists highlighted that at least one fifth of IT professionals believe they have little job security. However with the advent of Cloud computing and the job security that can be achieved with the development of transferable skills is this group missing a trick?

Skill based security is becoming more dominant within many IT specialisms including IT security jobs and risk management jobs. Within the IT sector many on-site jobs seems to be dwindling however these are being replaced with new off-site roles facilitated by the arrival of Cloud. The need for onsite IT staff is lessening however these skills and talents can be redeployed to take on Cloud based job roles.

Those IT professionals that do want to work in on-premise roles will find that there will be many Cloud datacentres available for them to utilise these skills.

Several recruitment specialists seem to support this idea indicating that they believe IT experts looking to create job security for themselves could achieve this by developing Cloud management skills. Strategy and analysis are the two most important areas of IT management in their opinion.

On the one hand Cloud brings huge opportunities for those in risk and network threat jobs. It necessitates a wider understanding of the business and customer requirements instead of being purely technology focused. However, 77 percent of those in IT roles have technology based qualifications rather than management or business accreditations making it important for them to hone these skills to survive.

In the same way banks no longer offer that job for life, IT professionals may soon find that datacentres no longer offer complete job security. However by keeping abreast of technology developments and honing expertise skill-based security can be achieved.

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