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Cloud computing poses new challenges for IT security

Filed under: IT Security — Mark on January 2, 2012

The UK is seeing cloud computing becoming increasingly important in UK business. Although many companies are getting to grips with this new technology, there are many others that have concerns about the implications for IT security.

The benefits to UK businesses are vast. The cost savings possible due to cloud computing are significant with less requirement for huge expenditure on IT equipment in the office. Cloud also provides greater flexibility and freedom with its range of services which can be paid for as and when required.

An attitude survey carried out by Vanson Bourne earlier this year found that 48 percent of companies employed some form of cloud service with private enterprises with an employee level above 200 getting the most use from this new technology. Of the companies without cloud services in place, 31 percent had plans to do so next year.

Most businesses are attracted by the flexibility but many are still fearful of rolling cloud out across their business systems preferring to limit it to certain applications. For those in IT security jobs there are many concerns about data security and privacy as well as concerns of the reliability of suppliers.

There are also worries about where data will be held physically with many wanting it to be kept in the UK whilst other companies favouring Europe. This factor concerned the public sector and small companies with less that 20 staff the most. Larger businesses tend to have people in business continuity jobs to manage any risk and were therefore less apprehensive about this issue.

Without doubt the introduction of cloud to many businesses will pose new challenges and the need for candidates looking for IT security jobs to understand this innovative technology is great.

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