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Christmas hacking campaigns announced by Anonymous

Filed under: IT Security — Jonathan on December 22, 2011

The last few weeks have revealed new challenges for those in information security jobs. It has been announced by Anonymous, the hackivist group, that it is launching a campaign where it will take money from the banks and

“bring happiness and gratitude to families around the globe”

This latest cyber attack campaign has been named ‘DestructiveSec’.

The group revealed its intentions stating:

“This Christmas we wish to give back to the people who had everything taken [and] this Christmas we are stealing from the banks who stole from you and giving you back what was rightfully yours in the first place.”

There were no insights given into the intended targets with the following statement:

“Any Country. Any Age. Anything. We’re giving Santa Claus a break this year.”

There has also been an additional announcement in Anon News over the last few weeks where

‘a new Anonymous action has surfaced, dedicated to granting wishes to people who are less fortunate than most over this coming holiday season’

This campaign has been coined ‘Lulzxmas’ and is run by a couple of notorious hackers called ‘LulzFunny’ and ‘Charrie’.

Risk and network threat is high with these latest announcements which seem fuelled by the intention to reap revenge on the financial services sector for the effects of the recession on the ordinary family.

It is estimated that these hackers have stockpiled in excess of a million dollars using virtual credit cards. These latest events make the need for strong IT security recruitment strategy essential for all sectors.

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