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Changes ahead in employment

Filed under: Recruitment General — Mark on January 9, 2013

There is a conflict in store between the needs of the workforce and skills of employees. 20,000 workers were surveyed by CEB, the member-based advice firm. The research revealed that managers are in need of a 20% increase in production from their staff now that the bottom line in the business world is being affected by an unstable economy. So anyone seeking information security jobs, business continuity vacancies and other positions should ensure that they keep their skills updated, as well being prepared to produce like never before.

CEB international research officer, Conrad Schmidt, told On Rec:

“The new work environment demands a new set of skills to ensure employees achieve peak productivity as the working landscape changes.

“The best recruiters will move away from traditional recruitment tactics in order to identify individuals with this new skill set. Critically, our research found that current recruitment methods mean employers are failing to recognise 65% of new high performers so, unless they adapt, they may struggle to continue successful business partnerships.”

It isn’t easy finding high performers in the current work environment, however; a mere 5% of staff worldwide having a solid combination of skills needed to be regarded as high performers, says the research by CEB. Recruiters will instead require a new armoury in order to be confident that they can recruit tomorrow’s high performing talent. The company labelled flexibility, team playing, I.T. and analytical skills as the most important assets needed for recruitment firms.

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