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Research reveals increased responsibility for CISOs

Filed under: Information Risk and Security — Jonathan on May 8, 2012

The position of chief information security officer has progressed in terms of status, with high-profile data breaches – an example of a risk and network threat – showing just how integral security is to (more…)

New age of cyber-crime sweeps the globe

Filed under: Information Risk and Security — Stephanie on April 18, 2012

We have begun the next era of organised crime according to professionals in information security jobs. In the 1920s the power of the Mob reached it height with iconic figures such as Al Capone capitalising on the Prohibition. Following WWII the rationing and shortages saw the rise of the black market and in the seventies and eighties international drug trafficking reached its height. This fourth wave of crime to engulf the world is digital. (more…)

Acumin become CSARN member to support risk management and security

Filed under: Information Risk and Security — Jonathan on March 28, 2012

Recently we have joined the City Security and Resilience Networks (CSARN). The global organisation is highly acclaimed as an advisory service offering business security help. (more…)

Risk management salaries forecast to increase in banks

Filed under: Information Risk and Security — Mark on March 16, 2012

Those working in risk management jobs have been predicted to experience a faster increase in salary within the investment bank sector. It is forecast that those fulfilling risk management vacancies will experience a rise in salary at a quicker rate than even CEOs. A report revealed that the pressures of tighter regulations on information security have caused banks to offer greater remuneration to staff in key control positions.

According to the Mercer survey which questioned 63 financial organisations, employees in control positions such as legal, compliance, internal audit and risk management jobs can expect salary increases of at least 3 percent. On the other hand, chief executives can expect their base salary to remain static this year.

The demands from European and US regulators for banks to put in place watertight risk processes have been increased dramatically in an attempt to curtail the chances of another financial meltdown.

The Senior Partner at Mercer, Vicki Elliott commented:

“Financial services organisations are responding to significant changes in regulatory requirements concerning compensation policies, incentive plan designs and their governance. In Emea and the Americas they face keen public scrutiny.”

However, according to risk management recruitment experts there is a shortage of talent to meet with demand, making it a highly competitive market. Model stress testing and risk analysis of counterparty is required within this sector, but although there are many candidates that have a surface knowledge of these processes, very few are experts.

For those looking to secure a successful career in risk management, developing skills in these areas will make them highly attractive to the financial sector.

Spam continues to foil many businesses

Filed under: Information Risk and Security — Stephanie on March 14, 2012

Cyber criminals are continuing to use spam as a main method for attacking information security as companies still grapple to cope with it. (more…)

Continuing opposition voiced against the proposed data protection rules

Filed under: Information Risk and Security — Mark on March 6, 2012

New data protection rules proposed by the European Commission have continued to receive a negative response by the information security industry. (more…)

ICO calls for more flexibility in new Data Protection Directive

Filed under: Information Risk and Security — Jonathan on February 12, 2012

The forthcoming amends to the Data Protection Directive have been given a partial thumbs up by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) however, it views some changes as: “unnecessarily and unhelpfully over-prescriptive”. (more…)

New survey warns about risk of personal device usage at work

Filed under: Information Risk and Security — Stephanie on January 30, 2012

New statistics show that over three-quarters of European companies are ready to meet with the rising popularity of personal device usage at work. (more…)

Three trends for information security in 2012

Filed under: Information Risk and Security — Jonathan on January 24, 2012

Those in information security jobs can look back on 2011 and expect an exciting and challenging time in 2012. Developing excellent security processes will (more…)

Mobile security skills predicted to be in high demand in 2012

Filed under: Information Risk and Security — Jonathan on January 4, 2012

Businesses are forecast to be on the lookout for professionally qualified candidates for information security jobs in order to manage the huge growth in mobile device usage and the huge threat to (more…)

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