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I.T. Issues tops poll of stressful office factors

Filed under: Cyber Security — Jonathan on May 26, 2012

Technical issues in the workplace that include internet and email failures were voted as the number one stressful conundrum in the office, says a poll. (more…)

Bosses struggle to recruit despite rise in IT vacancies

Filed under: Cyber Security — Stephanie on May 24, 2012

IT roles, such as information security vacancies and cyber security jobs, will increase in 2012 – but a higher number of companies in the industry anticipate issues with (more…)

More graduates to be hired in 2012

Filed under: Cyber Security — Stephanie on May 18, 2012

As we are coming closer to the end of another year of academic study for our graduate hopefuls, a new survey from a careers-based website is showing some promise. The survey results reveal that (more…)

Increase in cybercrime targeting small firms

Filed under: Cyber Security — Stephanie on May 6, 2012

A new report has shown that the number of security weaknesses in small firms dropped last year, but there was an 81 per cent leap in cybercrime attacks between (more…)

Cyber attacks on the rise

Filed under: Cyber Security — Jonathan on May 2, 2012

Experts are questioning the ability of UK security organisations to deal with hacktivist threats following the successful online attack on the anti-terrorist hotline at Scotland Yard, which made (more…)

UK government cyber security approach is failing

Filed under: Cyber Security — Jonathan on April 28, 2012

Experts in IT security jobs have recently claimed that the UK government has got things desperately wrong.

Anonymous, the hacktivist organisation, revealed that they would be working hard to take government websites down. Within days the hackers’ collective did just that with both the Home Office and Downing Street websites suffering DDoS attacks in early April. (more…)

GCHQ to become new cyber-surveillance centre

Filed under: Cyber Security — Mark on April 26, 2012

‘Big Brother-gate’ has hit the press recently with announcements made by the government that the GCHQ will become home to a cyber-surveillance centre which is said to costing £2 billion to set up. The centre will keep an eye on all exchanges using email, Skype, Facebook and mobile devices. (more…)

Cyber Security Centre launched at Oxford University

Filed under: Cyber Security — Mark on April 14, 2012

A new Cyber Security Centre is to be launched by Oxford University. The establishment announced the initiative recently and is developing the new centre to combat the rising threat posed by online criminals and cyber terrorist attacks. The university hopes to develop research that will help to protect government and business data from the attacks of ever more sophisticated hackers. (more…)

Developing an IT career in security with a mastery certification

Filed under: Cyber Security — Jonathan on April 10, 2012

In the US a trade association has recently launched its latest certification which is designed to prepare IT professionals for information security vacancies. Comptia, a non-profit organisation, offers a range of certifications but this is the first time it has offered a security qualification with ‘a new level of complexity’. (more…)

Eight UK universities selected to develop cyber defence research

Filed under: Cyber Security — Mark on April 8, 2012

New research funding is set to be provided to eight universities across the UK from GCHQ. These educational establishments have been selected to help produce research on cyber security which is hoped to further the protection of national security from cyber criminals. (more…)

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