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IT leading the way in job creation

Filed under: CISSP — Jonathan on December 26, 2012

The number one sector for recruitment in 2012 is IT, creating a staggering 1.1 million advertised jobs. This bodes well for job seekers looking for technology-based positions such as (more…)

ICT on the raise yet still set to be scrapped

Filed under: CISSP — Jonathan on September 5, 2012

Interest from students in ICT appears to be finally growing, with an increase close to 13 per cent of students choosing to (more…)

Potential employees concerned over Facebook profile

Filed under: CISSP — Jonathan on August 24, 2012

Social media has made such an impact upon today’s prospective employees that 70 per cent of people have expressed concern that their career could be (more…)

Social equality needed in the employment process

Filed under: CISSP — Mark on August 22, 2012

According to UpReach founder Henry Morris, having people from various backgrounds attending university does not mean that social mobility is in play on its own. The next stage is (more…)

Android affected by digital jobs makeover

Filed under: CISSP — Stephanie on July 22, 2012

Changes that have occurred in a shake-up of digital jobs are having a negative impact on Android with a move, in the technology sector, towards iPad-influenced recruitment. The research from (more…)


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