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Four types of business that advertise for cyber security jobs

Filed under: Features — Stephanie on August 19, 2013

Large organisations and businesses are becoming increasingly aware that cyber security threats are not going to go away. Indeed, the threat is (more…)

What qualifications do IT risk jobs ask for?

Filed under: Features — Stephanie on August 17, 2013

For companies and organisations of all sizes, an efficient, up-to-date IT setup is, these days, all but essential. Those without such setups will be rapidly out-paced by (more…)

Why businesses today recruit information security specialists

Filed under: Features — Stephanie on August 2, 2013

The digital revolution, over the past 20 years or so, has wrought big changes, many of them positive. Familiar activities, such as (more…)

What to expect from a role in cyber security

Filed under: Features — Jonathan on July 19, 2013

Cyber security is an umbrella term which embraces a range of measures and tasks aimed at protecting IT systems from digital crime and (more…)

How important is business continuity?

Filed under: Features — Stephanie on July 5, 2013

Business continuity should, ideally, be one of the highest priorities for any company or organisation, of whatever scale or makeup. It is especially important for (more…)

What is penetration testing?

Filed under: Features — Mark on July 2, 2013

To the uninitiated the phrase “penetration testing” might sound a little mysterious, even downright odd. In fact, it’s no more than a summary of a vital phase in building an (more…)

Should I get CISSP certification?

Filed under: Features — Jonathan on June 30, 2013

A CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) certificate is one of the most highly regarded credentials in the security industry. There are good reasons for (more…)

What is Cyber Security all about?

Filed under: Features — Stephanie on June 28, 2013


Cyber security runs as a common thread through our daily interaction with computing-related devices (desktop or mobile), whether in the home or at (more…)

How to get an IT security job

Filed under: Features — Jonathan on June 26, 2013

As people are becoming more and more dependent on technology, so information security is an increasingly high priority. IT security threats are always (more…)

10 IT security questions for an interviewer to ask

Filed under: Features — Mark on June 24, 2013

While the information security industry covers a range of roles, here are some typical questions that an interviewer could ask, especially when recruiting an executive. (more…)

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