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Businesses firing weird questions in interviews

Filed under: Business Continuity — Mark on September 3, 2012

Michael Page, an international recruitment firm, carried out research suggesting two thirds of job candidates are open to vague questions in the job interview process, which allows companies to give their process a shake up when competing for talent. So those seeking pen testing jobs, business continuity vacancies and other positions had better be prepared to have an open mind to compete.

A total of 1,000 people were asked about their interview preparation, including how they may respond to a strange question in the interview.

Forty one per cent said they have been asked a strange question in an interview but 54 per cent said they would not expect this to be the case.

Many of those who took part in the survey – 63 per cent – would be open to a strange question in an interview as they would be allowed to show off their ability to think quickly, prove that the company likes creativity in their workforce and that they can take part in interviews far off the norm.

Sixty six per cent said they were positive regarding their ability to reply to such a question, with 35 per cent saying they would answer with a clear and confident reply and 31 per cent saying they would hedge their bets with multiple answers.

Thirty three per cent of those who responded, however, said that they would have a hard time with such questions and some said they didn’t know. Others would try to change the subject. Thirteen per cent would even challenge how relevant the question is to the interview.

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