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A good starting point for business continuity vacancies

Filed under: — admin on December 20, 2011

On a domestic level, you probably would not question keeping some candles and a box of matches in a cupboard under the stairs, just in case there is a power cut one day. Moreover, it would seem like common sense to pack a first-aid in the boot of your car when embarking on a family holiday.

Yet, when it comes to keeping a business on track, planning for future misfortune can seem a little downbeat, and it can also feel like there are more important things to be getting on with. After all, given a choice between touch base with your sales team to hear all about their recent profits, and planning for how a flood in your region sometime in the next decade might have an impact on your overall productivity it is easy to imagine what meeting most managers would prefer to attend.

However, business continuity, which involves planning for potential disasters or sudden mishaps or unexpected changes in circumstances, should in reality always be the higher priority, at least until plans are in place.

Many companies hire business continuity staff who have expertise in this growing area of industry. If you are one such manager, and are interested in exciting challenges in high-profile companies and organisations, then you might want to check out the business continuity vacancies we post here at Acumin.

If you are interested in further exploring one of these business continuity vacancies you will be provided with excellent, professional service during your time with us a job candidate.

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