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Android affected by digital jobs makeover

Filed under: CISSP — Stephanie on July 22, 2012

Changes that have occurred in a shake-up of digital jobs are having a negative impact on Android with a move, in the technology sector, towards iPad-influenced recruitment. The research from reveals changes in how CISSP jobs and other such vacancies are being presented to job-seeking technology graduates and professionals.

The Fast 50 used figures from and more than 2.3 million projects and over four million users to show 50 of the fastest moving categories of online jobs.

Matt Barrie, CEO of Freelancer, told Business Weekly:

“We truly are at an inflexion point of the technology landscape. We’re seeing the changing of the guard across the technology industry.

“Two clear trends are evident: firstly, user activity is moving to mobile devices and the trend won’t be reversing any time soon as the other five billion people on this planet join the Internet, primarily through mobile.

“Secondly, the Internet is becoming more interactive, and the technologies that are winning and will continue to win are open standards like HTML5 and jQuery- to the detriment of the incumbents proprietary technology providers like Adobe and Microsoft.”

Barrie said that, although Android jobs were increasing at a faster rate, the Apple IOS is gaining accelerated pace, leaving rival Android in its wake. An IDC report revealed that an explosion in iPhone apps increased jobs by 30 per cent, compared to 20 per cent for Android jobs.

Twitter jobs may have only decreased by one per cent but Facebook-related jobs have fallen by 14 per cent.

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